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Western Vents & Curbs
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Kitchen Curb
Our kitchen equipment curbs are designed to meet the National Fire Protection Association requirements.

Our CCA-82 enables both the kitchen exhaust fan and the supply unit to fit on one base curb. The standard height of the exhaust curb is 18" to elevate the point of discharge to 40" in accordance with the NFPA standard.

Our S-40V include vents installed on all four sides and has a standard height of 18". The curb sizing feature on this page will also take into account the height needed to have a discharge point of 40" above the roof line in accordance with NFPA Standard 96.

Our vented curb extension is designed to comply with NAPA 96 height requirements. Our standard height is 10" but other heights can be chosen to reach a sufficient height for the fan discharge requirement.